angela & jeff - owners

This is Jeff and Angela. They have owned Shack Coffeehouse for about 1 year now, button and run many other local businesses. As local West Seattleites, they were thrilled at the opportunity to purchase this locally-loved coffee shop. 

Jeff was born and raised in Rochester, MA and moved to Seattle, WA in 1992, planting roots through music, family, and various business investments (including building a small coffee/baked-goods empire). He holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting & Business (and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Mathematics), and he is a drummer in a local rock band, Hobosexual. 

Angela was born and raised in West Seattle, attending Schmitz Park Elementary, Madison Middle School, and West Seattle High School, and she holds a Bachelor’s in Business from the UW Foster School of Business. She was one of the first members of a Seattle-based startup called Redfin.com. Here she was in charge of accounting, operations, human resources, legal, and many things in-between. During her tenure, the company grew from one market to 18+, and from 10 employees to over 650. Six years and two kids later, Angela decided to leave Redfin in order to aid Jeff in running their various businesses, pursue a black belt in martial art of Tang Soo Do, and (of course) shepherd their children, Samantha and August. 

Other than Shack, the pair own and operate Hotwire Online Coffeehouse and Flying Apron, and are silent owners of Havana Social Club. Combined, the couple employ over 50 people in the area. Jeff and Angela are entrenched in (and constantly seeking) new challenges and adventures with the goal of keeping Seattle truly locally owned.

On top of being badass business owners & investors, they are just straight-up awesome people. Jeff and Angela truly care about their employees and customers, and the Shack crew absolutely adores them.


This is Elise. She’s the social media manager for Shack Coffeehouse and a handful of other local businesses, and she absolutely loves her Shack fam. She’s been a barista on and off for the last 7+ years, and Shack & Hotwire are by-far her favorites. (And she’s only partly obligated to say that.) She made coffee all throughout high school and college, and in 2016 she graduated from Western Washington University. After graduating, she spent a year in Aspen, Colorado working at a local yoga studio and exploring the beautiful Rocky Mountains with her Fiancé, Joe. When she’s not at Shack or Hotwire making coffee or updating various social medias, you can find her leading classes at Hot Feet Fitness or hiking with her puppy, Maverick. 




This is Nicole. She is the general manager at Shack Coffeehouse & Hotwire Online Coffeehouse, and she adores her West Seattle community. She loves being barista and has been making coffee on and off for over 10 years. Although she loves to travel, Nicole realizes that PNW is her home. It's where she was born and raised! She is a University of Washington graduate with hopes of continuing on to grad school, possibly law school. On her days off, she loves walking her dog Blitz, watching football, backpacking, and her new found love: CrossFit. CrossFit plays a huge role in her path back to fitness, and has given her a new love for picking up heavy weights. She is leaving her usual weekday morning role to recover from shoulder surgery, but don’t worry: you will still see her at Shack working on her laptop and catching up with customers.


Lauren d. - Barista

This is Lauren. She moved to Seattle 4 years ago from New York to pursue a master’s degree in nutrition. Though this is her first barista gig, she has been falling in love with the science of coffee, and even more so with the community surrounding Shack & Hotwire. Lauren enjoys hiking, biking, and mountaineering during her off-time. Studying botany for her undergrad, she also has a love for plants— especially bryophytes and lichen. Come on in and let her know where you are hiking this weekend!



This is Jade. She has been making coffee for about eight years now, and she hopes to one day own her own drive-thru espresso stand somewhere warm and sunny! Though she’s a Seattle native, she wishes that it was always clear skies and 85 degrees. Her favorite espresso drink to make is a cappuccino, and her drink of choice is cold brew with macadamia syrup and half&half.

IMG_0866 (1).JPG


This is Maia. She’s a teacher, student, barista, animal lover, yogi, adventure seeker, and novice skier. Making coffee got her through college 6 years ago and she’s excited to be back at it again! After graduating from WWU in 2012, she went traveling and was lucky enough to call Costa Rica and Australia home for 6 years, only to find herself back in her true home, the PNW. You’ll find her most days surrounded by energetic kindergarteners and 1st graders at a local elementary school, and on the weekends making coffee or exploring Seattle and its beautiful surroundings. She looks forward to meeting you all, having a chat, and becoming part of this community! 



Patience has been a barista for about 3 years, and she’s lived in West Seattle her entire life. You can often catch her knocking things over behind the bar because she is the (self-proclaimed) clumsiest barista ever. She loves being a barista because she gets to interact with so many amazing people,  and she loves to see all the awesome drink creations they come up with.



This is Gabby. In her own words, she’s the “resident couch potato” at Shack & Hotwire. She loves working in West Seattle because it has that small neighborhood feeling, but it's far enough away from her actual hometown that she’s not running into people she went to high school with. Coffee is her third favorite *legal* substance to consume. Its complexity means it can be prepared in a wide variety of ways, which is exactly what Hotwire does with all of its unique flavor combinations. In her free time, she works at her dissertation of contemporary feline artistic expression (via new medias and technologies). 



kordell - barista

Over the years, he has carried many titles in 16+ cafes including cafe design and creative development, director of coffee and training for multi-location cafe operations, general manager, and espresso machine technician. 

When he’s not at the shop, he’s usually near his home on Alki playing at the park or longboading with his 7-year-old daughter, Sophia. Other activities he enjoys include listening to music, drinking beers, and working on his car (often simultaneously).